California Sharps Disposal Solutions

When you need to dispose of sharps, you need someone who understands how to handle them safely and securely. Our sustainability experts will work with you to safely and responsibly handle your sharps and other medical waste.

Rest easy knowing your disposal services are tailored to your needs.

  • Get the service you need on your schedule with our flexible scheduling, including weekly, monthly, quarterly, and on-call services.
  • Our fully-trained staff will safely handle your medical waste.
  • Stay safe with our wide array of OSHA, DOT, and FDA-approved containers
  • Never worry about compliance with local, state, and federal regulations
  • Our solutions are cost-effective and environmentally-sound
  • We operate the largest autoclave in California
  • Your waste will be processed at our LEED certified medical waste processing facility in Vernon, CA

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Reusable Sharps and Pharmaceutical Container Solutions

Our reusable sharps and pharmaceutical containers are engineered to provide safety for your healthcare staff and collection-and-transport personnel while adding protection to the environment.

These easy-to-use patient room containers meet or exceed all applicable federal safety standards, and are conveniently approved for 600 cycles. Our scientifically-validated decanting and cleaning system is laboratory-proven to effectively clean and disinfect the reusable sharps container.

Using reusable and recyclable containers will help you improve sustainability and eliminate significant waste from landfills.

Email us at to get started.

Reusable sharps containersReusable pharmaceutical waste containers

Sharps Disposal Products and Service Highlights

When you need the best, you need Waste Management:

  • State-of-the-art FDA-approved products
  • Free installation and well-managed conversion from your current system
  • Secure closures for complete safety
  • A wider angle of vision into the disposal slots to prevent overfilling
  • Full service exchange program
  • Floor containers can be interchangeably stacked and nested for efficient storage
  • Large capacity floor containers with minimized footprint
  • Fully contained wall containers eliminate use of soiled cabinets
  • Floor containers match larger regulated medical waste containers

Dispose of your sharps and other medical waste with ease with Waste Management. Contact us today at 888-906-8176 or email us at to learn more.

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To find out how we can help you safely dispose of your medical and hazardous waste, further your goals of sustainability, streamline operations to minimize waste and reduce costs, contact us today.

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