Sharps Container Management

Try the Reusable Sharps and Pharmaceutical Container Management Program from Waste Management. Our reusable sharps containers are engineered to provide safety for healthcare staff, collection and transport personnel while providing added protection to the environment.

Our wall mounted patient room containers exceed all federal safety standards and are approved for 600 cycles. The scientifically validated decanting and cleaning system is laboratory proven to effectively clean and disinfect the reusable sharps containers. By using reusable sharp containers, you are improving your own sustainability and eliminating significant waste from landfills.

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What to Expect from Sharps Container Management

Our Reusable Sharps and Pharmaceutical Container Management Program is designed to be convenient and cost-effective for you. We want to make sure you are compliant without having to even think about it.

First, you will choose from state-of-the-art, FDA-approved sharps containers that can be configured for your space. We offer a wide variety of wall-mounted, countertop and floor containers that will meet your needs without making your rooms feel smaller or more difficult to move around in. We will also help you install and manage conversions from your current system. Anything we can do to make the process easier for you.

Next, we will work on the right exchange program for you. We’ll ask you about how frequently you need to empty your sharps containers and get you on the right schedule. Once you’re scheduled, you shouldn’t have to think about any of the details. We will make sure all of your sharps containers are managed perfectly.

Sharps Container Highlights to Consider

We spoke with our current customers and narrowed down a list of their favorite highlights about our Reusable Sharps Containers. Here’s everything you need to know, according to current customers.
  • Fully contained wall containers eliminate the use of soiled/dated cabinets.
  • Flexibility between the drop-in or mailbox style versions so you can choose what works for you.
  • Container comes with a built-in lid built to save you time and ensure that you won’t transport out of compliance.
  • Larger capacity for floor units with minimal floor space.
  • Step-on dolly provides a larger opening for procedure areas, using tray dump safety scenarios for sharps.
  • Floor containers can be interchangeably stacked and nested for efficient storage.
  • Ability to restrict access with a tortuous pass.
  • Increased security with locking ability if diversion issues are a concern for your facility.
  • Service carts designated solely for service in house to help with noise, improving HCAP scores.
  • Service carts also provide safer transport of containers throughout the facility for visibility with patients and families.
  • Secure closures for staff and driver’s safety

Additional Container Options

Waste Management California Healthcare offers flexible, sustainable and convenient containers for all of your needs. Here’s a list of additional containers we can provide your facility.
  • Reusable Medical Waste Containers
  • Non-Hazardous Pharmaceutical Containers
  • Chemotherapy Containers
  • Pathological Containers
  • Container Accessories
  • and more!
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Get Started Today

If you’re ready to upgrade your sharps containers, give us a call today! We have all standard sizes available. We’re more than happy to talk you through the best options for you so you can have a flexible, sustainable and state-of-the-art sharps container management program in your facility as soon as possible.

Contact us today at 888-906-8176 or email us at to learn more.

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