Medical Waste Disposal Solutions

For the health community — from acupuncturists to assisted living communities to hospitals — safety is paramount. You need to know that your facilities are safe, your patients are safe, your employees are safe, and even your medical waste is safe. When you need a true partner to collaborate with your healthcare facility to handle your medical waste safely and responsibly, you need Waste Management.

The treating and disposing of medical waste is complicated, and Waste Management understands exactly what needs to be done. We provide seamless, convenient solutions for you to help you protect your patients, workers, and the environment. Minimize your waste and reduce your costs with Waste Management.

Shrinking the environmental footprint of healthcare organizations while lowering expenses is our goal. Our medical waste solutions are part of our integrated approach — we’ll work closely with you to improve safety and help you comply with increasingly complex regulations at the federal, state, and local levels.

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About Waste Management

Waste Management is North America’s leading provider of environmental solutions. We provide collection, treatment, and disposal solutions of medical waste to healthcare facilities of every size.

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To find out how we can help you safely dispose of your medical and hazardous waste, further your goals of sustainability, streamline operations to minimize waste and reduce costs, contact us today.

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