Biohazardous Waste Disposal in California

Hospitals and doctors offices aren’t the only places that generate biohazardous waste. Dental offices, long-term care facilities, and even tattoo parlors could need effective and safe biohazardous waste disposal to stay compliant with local, state, and federal regulations.

What is biohazardous waste?Biohazardous waste bin

Biohazardous waste, also called infectious waste or biomedical waste, is defined as any kind of waste containing or contaminated by infectious or potentially infectious materials, like blood. This kind of waste could pose a threat to the health or safety of the public or environment, and needs to be handled carefully. Types of biohazardous waste include:

  • Sharps
  • OPIM (Other Potentially Infectious Material)
  • Other Biohazardous Substances

How to dispose of biohazard waste?

Since biohazardous waste could potentially be dangerous to the public health or the environment, it needs to be handled carefully by fully-trained personnel. When you’re ready for disposal, trust Waste Management — your biohazardous waste experts — to safely and efficiently dispose of it for you.

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